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Finding Balance with Dr. Janna Doni Taback

In today’s episode we chat with Dr. Janna Doni Taback about finding balance. Dr. Janna works with her husband and we learn her secrets of having a successful working relationship while maintaining her personal life. We also chat about returning to work and the challenges that she faced after having her son Cruz.

Dr. Janna is a Chiropractor in Sudbury, Ontario and she runs a multi-discipline practice as well as working side by side with her husband who manages the Sudbury Kettlebell Club that is also onsite. She is passionate about wellness in all aspects and strives to always practice what she preaches. If you are located in Sudbury and want to get in contact with her and her team you can find her at

All the Things with Hillary Sargent

In this episode we welcome Hillary Sargent the vision behind Two Poppies Apothecary, a small batch, herbalist and nutritionist formulated body care, tea and remedy line.

Hillary is a mother first (for the moment), a community herbalist, holistic nutritionist, wife to a ranch manager, and owner/creatress at Two Poppies Apothecary. Hillary recently relocated to remote, Southern Colorado for her husband’s job and to find quiet away from the noise.

She enjoys anything having to do with plants, riding horses, talking about pregnancy, talking about breastfeeding, grocery shopping, world travel, and cooking. She is currently trying to enjoy the beauty of the toddlerhood season with her little girl, Poppy and trying to figure out the hermit life while being a total social butterfly.

We talk about nearly everything in this episode!

You can find Hillary and all her beautiful things


We Need Both Grace & Grit with Courtney Townley

My very special guest Courtney Townley introduced me to podcasts when she had me on her show -Grace & Grit Podcast. It’s an absolute honor to host her on my show. We talk about how she got started with her coaching business, how self-care looks different at every age, and how to get started taking better care of yourself – which we can ALL do a better job of!

Courtney began working in the fitness industry over two decades ago when she transitioned from the professional dance world. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a BFA and is fully certified as a STOTT PILATES® instructor, National Strength and Conditioning personal trainer (NSCA-CPT), ACE Health Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach. She is also a very proud student of the Ido Portal Method.

Courtney helps women all over the globe take better care of themselves with more consistency and ease through her online coaching programs and through her podcast, the Grace & Grit Podcast.

Courtney is passionate about a multi-dimensional approach to health and wellness, and helps women to build sustainable practices to support their body, mind and soul.

Find Courtney at the links below!

Instagram: @gracegrit

If you want to get involved with the Grace & Grit community, Courtney is running a Holiday Support Event for FREE that people can participate in in 1 of 2 ways:

1.  by joining the women of grace & grit FB community

2.   by registering at

It will be a great way to manage your health and stress through the holidays!

Beauty in the Brokenness

**Warning Trigger Alert**

Today we talk with Dr. Angela Lindenmuth Marick a chiropractor and coach. Since 2010, Dr. Angela Lindenmuth Marick has delivered high-quality chiropractic care to York families wishing to optimize their health and wellness.

Her practices emphasize a holistic and vitalistic approach to health care, lovingly applied in an environment of relaxation and rejuvenation. In May of 2016, Dr. Angela’s husband Josh passed away from a rare form of cancer.
It’s through this tragedy and her grief that her book – Beauty in the Brokenness: One Woman’s Voice was written.

Josh’s passing has put Dr. Angela on a new trajectory and we dive into that in this episode.

Find her on Facebook at Shatterbox Coaching and on Instagram @shatterboxmama