All the Things with Hillary Sargent

In this episode we welcome Hillary Sargent the vision behind Two Poppies Apothecary, a small batch, herbalist and nutritionist formulated body care, tea and remedy line.

Hillary is a mother first (for the moment), a community herbalist, holistic nutritionist, wife to a ranch manager, and owner/creatress at Two Poppies Apothecary. Hillary recently relocated to remote, Southern Colorado for her husband’s job and to find quiet away from the noise.

She enjoys anything having to do with plants, riding horses, talking about pregnancy, talking about breastfeeding, grocery shopping, world travel, and cooking. She is currently trying to enjoy the beauty of the toddlerhood season with her little girl, Poppy and trying to figure out the hermit life while being a total social butterfly.

We talk about nearly everything in this episode!

You can find Hillary and all her beautiful things


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